Funding and scholarships.

The positive words dictionary is committed to projects that promote positivity, positive psychology, positive wellbeing, positive behaviour and positive parenting.  We offer a scholarship for students of University level / degree level studying a positive psychology or positive wellbeing course in any country. We also upon evaluation and at our discretion contribute financially to projects that promote positivity in the world including positive parenting. Eligibility requirements for each kind of funding can be found below.

The  scholarship

The yearly scholarship is for University / degree students. The value of the Scholarship is for $1400 in U.S dollars , €1100  in Euros or £1000 in British pounds and will be awarded in September of every year.

Eligibility requirements.

1: Applicants need to be enrolling (and accepted) or enrolled on a Positive Psychology, Positive well being or positive mental health University degree course .

2: Applicants need to be from a low income household and/or eligible for financial aid in their country.

3: An acceptance letter will be required as well as a letter from your place of study confirming your place on the course and contact details for your course head should you be successful.

4: At least one academic reference

5: To actively promote the scholarship. Information about our scholarship should be listed on the applicants place of study website under the relevant scholarship or course section(s) with a link to and

6: A short piece on why you believe you are the most suitable person for the funding and how gaining this qualification will have a positive impact will need to be prepared and sent to us.

7: If the above criteria are met, email requirement number six to us with a link to requirement number 4.  We will then check these requirements are met before requesting the remaining documentation.  Email address is scholarship

Deadline for applications is 1st August of every year.  General funding

We offer limited funding for positive projects particularly positive parenting throughout the year. If you are interested in funding for your positive project please send more information on your project preferably a press release to funding your project is not running yet , you may send us a business plan. To be considered for funding for your project and to promote the fund a link to will need to be on your website.  Funding will be at our discretion and on a first come first served basis. The funding for each year will be dependent on what projects we have funded already