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Positive adjectives that start with r

We found 151 positive adjectives that start with r Racy Rad Radiant Radiative Radical Rah-Rah Rainproof Rambling Rambunctious Rapid Rapt Rapturous Raring Rathe Rational Rationalistic Rave Ravishing Razor-sharp Reachable Readable Ready Ready-made Real Realistic Realizable Reasonable Reasoned Reassuring Reborn Receptive Recipient Reciprocal Recommendable Recommendatory Reconcilable Reconciliatory Record Record-breaking Record-setting Recoverable Recreational Recreative Recruitable Redeemable Redeeming Redivivus Redolent Refined reformable Reformative Reformed Refreshed Refreshing Refulgent Regal Regardable Regardful Regnant Rehabilitative Reincarnate Rejuvenated Rejuvenescent Relateable relaxant Relaxed Relevant Reliable Reliant Relievable Relieved Religious Remarkable Remedial Remorseful Remunerative Renascent Renewable Renewed Renowned Reparable Repentant Replaceable Replete Reputable Resilient Resoluble Resolute Resolutive Resonant Resounding Resourceful Respectable Respectful Resplendent Responsible Responsive Rested Restful Restorative Restructured Resurgent Revealing Revelational Revelatory Revered Reverent Reviveble Revived Revolutionary Rewarding Rhetorical Rhythmical Rich Richer Right Rightable Righteous Rightful Right-minded Right-on Right-thinking Right-to-life Rigorous Riley Ripe Rip-roaring Ripsnorting Risk-free Roadworthy Roaring Robust Rollicking Romanic Romantic Roomier Roomy Rootin' Tootin' Rorty Rose Rose-coloured Rosetted Rosy Rounded Rousing Royal Rubescent Ruddy Rude Rugged Rutilant